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Sai Sastha Infotech offers a diverse range of services tailored to your specific needs whether you are an established business, a new business, or a business undergoing restructuring.We understand your time is valuable. Our team of highly skilled professionals aim to provide the best possible business and taxation advice to help your business prosper and grow.

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SAI SASTHA INFOTECH is a UK IT advisory firm that provides a variety of advisory services including facilitation, planning, sense making, governance and project management services.we are unique across the globe because we perform services for a variety of public and private sector organizations, for all manner of problems and projects.We have strong competencies in the discipline of collaboration, information and enterprise content management. We are extensively skilled in all aspects , application development and infrastructure, through to systems and information architecture and governance.

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We made it so easy and initiative. Used by thousands and fixed over the time. But if you need any help using it, we have a team of expert just for that.

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we are committed to delivering the best solution for your business every time.

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we provide ongoing support and assistance in the manner that suits you, the client.


10000 users and growing is a not only a proof. It means there is a great community behind us. It has been tested and perfected over the years.

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  • “It is not just a pretty face. I am also thrilled by the quality of support. It is fast, reliable and no complications at all. This author is definitely a five star hero! ”

    LAURA CHARETTEVideographer
  • “Impressed by the amount of features and options. However what I like most is the fluency and easiness of user interface which makes it fun working with these options. Way to go!”

    DAVID J. GROVESWeb Designer
  • “Best theme I have worked with in five years with Envato. Back-end theme options along with visual composer makes my entire workflow seamless.”

    WAKEUPSMILINGWordpress Ninja

What Makes Us Different

We are subject matter experts in our chosen discipline, yet we are founded on the values of critical thinking and deeper understanding. Breakthrough performance is achieved through vision, strategy and dialogue. Intrinsic value is not found in applications and infrastructure. It is found in the collective intelligence of people, information and how both leverage each-other. Simplistic solutions to wicked problems do not increase intrinsic value and therefore have no place in our practice.

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